Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New medical process

In the past several months I've read countless blogs about Peace Corps experiences and application timelines, most of which have helped ease some of my anxiety and frustrations about this whole process.  However, now the PC is starting a new medical procedure, and since I'm among the first groups of people to try this whole thing out, there's unfortunately no blogs with helpful information about any of this.  I've read so much about the medical packet, what's entailed and how long it takes.  Now I just have to wait. again.  I have to wait until the new system is up and running on August 15th before I can know what's next. I'm doing my best to just enjoy the summer and pay off most of my credit cards in preparation to leave, but it's always on the back of my mind. Where will I go? When will I leave? What if something comes up medically/legally that will prevent me from going? So many unknowns and yet I can't stop myself from thinking about getting rid of most of my personal belongings in exchange for an amazing new life experience. Three weeks. I've been counting down since I got nominated. Three weeks.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've noticed a shift in my thinking and attitude as I get closer to the next steps of the application process.  I've begun trying to organize my belongings and get rid of things that I've held onto for far too long for some reason.  I'm trying to take stock of what I can keep and what I'll eventually have to get rid of before I leave - a significant challenge to say the least. In my efforts to pay off my credit cards and try to save a little money before leaving I've refrained from spending money on clothes and other materialistic things (also because I'm aware of how much stuff I have and the fact that I'll have to do something with it before I leave).

There's something comforting about getting rid of all the things that don't really matter and preparing to pack up my life (although my potential departure is still months away).  It's like the ultimate detox. I've spent so much time acquiring clothes, shoes, accessories, decorations, and hundreds of other things that have all but lost their value, sentimental or otherwise.  I've daydreamed about getting rid of everything except for the clothes and supplies I would need for traveling the world, and doing just that - starting with Peace Corps and even beyond. I'm excited for the next chapter of my life to start, and I want it to be filled with the kinds of experiences that I can only get from traveling the world.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

This is the part of the application process I read so much about: waiting.  Waiting for the new medical clearance process to get started, waiting to see if I'm approved, waiting to see where I could be spending 27 months of my life.  I've done so much reading and researching about Peace Corps in general, as well as the countries I could possibly be going to, and it's hard not to look at one or all of them without thinking about living there.  It's hard to keep my mind open to the possibility that my invitation could be to a completely different country than one of the three I was nominated for (which apparently happens quite often in the application process).  I'm anxious to know, to find out what happens next and where I could be going; but at the same time I'm trying to appreciate what could be my last summer in the country for a few years.  I've started to mentally prepare myself as far as everything I'll have to go through in preparation to leave the country...what I'm going to do with all my personal belongings, what will happen with various contracts I have (cell phone, gym membership, lease - all of which can be taken care of, but nonetheless still something I need to think about).  Another month or so and hopefully I'll be on my way to being medically cleared.  I'm very curious about this new medical clearance process they'll be rolling out, and I just hope it's smooth and efficient enough for me to move through rather quickly.